measuring, analyzing, rewarding, and changing driver behavior every day

Together we can help reduce collisions and make our roads safer

Medidas builds win-win partnerships with community stakeholders to support our goal of making the roads safer and communities better. Our technology is designed to measure driver behaviour, reward good driving practice, and provide anonymous, aggregated data to safety organizations and municipalities to create meaningful insights into driver patterns. Join us in our mission, and let’s work together to make our roads safer!

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Foundations for drivers

Shaping the next generation of drivers is no small feat

Whether you’re a parent, a driver educator, or a community member, you can make a difference in helping to build a solid foundation for the next generation of drivers hitting the road. 

Foundations of Drivers

Driving Educators

Community Partners

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incentivizing change

You can feel good about your ad spend

Connect with our driver-consumers to grow your business, increase brand awareness and CSR, and achieve a jaw-dropping ROAS.  Our focus on reducing vehicle collisions through positive reinforcement means you can focus on making money. Let’s work together and accomplish both!

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Advertising Partners

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an intersection of safety and culture

Save thousands in fuel and maintenance costs. Reduce incidents & collisions.
Show your employees you care.

With more than 1.4 million employee-driven miles analyzed, we’re confident that employers can reduce overall risk events by up to 27%, save hundreds of dollars on fuel per vehicle per year, and earn additional savings on maintenance and insurance premiums. Rally your employees to care about their driving both on and off duty with programming that allows them to self-teach and earn rewards in a corporate challenge-type environment. 


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measure risk data and tools

Access driver risk data to prove research hypotheses, enact change, and spark
thought-leadership on traffic safety policy

Whether you’re a city planner, municipality, safety organization, research group, engineer, or in another related profession, unlocking Medidas’ driver risk data could be a game-changer.

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Safety-focused Organizations

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join our mission and be part of the change

Together we can accomplish greater things!

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