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Medidas is proud to haveDrivingSchoolSoftware.comas a partner in our mission to reduce vehicle collisions and save lives!

As the largest driving school management software provider, and its client driving schools are uniquely positioned to take advantage core Medidas products such as TrypScore and Coaching New Drivers.

DSS x TrypScore

Getrewardedfor driving safe

As a client, you’ll have access to the TrypScore app and Tryps+ portal. TrypScore is an app that rewards drivers when they choose to drive safely! TrypScore was created to incentivize positive behaviors and educate drivers; making the roads a safer place and reducing the number of collisions and fatalities that occur each year. Each time a user drives, TrypScore will measure the Tryp and provide a score out of 100! For every safe score, users can collect rewards, level up, participate in challenges, and enter contests with major prizes!

With access to the Tryps+ portal, students will be able to go into further into gaining insight on their driving behavior, trips taken in practice, and gain access to short engaging videos on topics that increase driver awareness and skill.

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Easy integration with your management system

As a client, you can seamlessly become a member of the TrypScore Education Partner Program that has been custom created for Driving Educators. This means you can use TrypScore products as part of your driver education, in class, and in-vehicle. 

DSS Client Benefits
Medidas x DSS benefit one
Receive access toTrypScore Education Partner ProgramMaterials Library

This free material helps you utilize TrypScore with students, parents, and your instructors.

Medidas x DSS Access
Gain exclusive access to theTryps+ portal via direct integrationwith your Student Center

Give your students advanced insight into their driving and unlock exclusive learning content.

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UseTrypScore app for freewith students and parents

This free material helps you utilize TrypScore with students, parents, and your instructors.

A driving course tohelp your parents help you

The benefits of being a client don’t stop there! In addition to the TrypScore product suite, clients will also receive the Coaching New Drivers course at a reduced cost!

Give your parents the ultimate guide to supervising practice driving with 12-video series Coaching from the Passenger Seat that takes parents from the first discussion right through to license day and beyond.  Taught by a veteran crash investigator and driver educator, this is a must have for standardizing practice driving.

For the students, Danger Zone Training gives specific strategies to reduce the risk of the top causes of novice driver collisions as determined by the Centers for Disease Control.  Seatbelts and Airbags, Distracted/Impaired Driving, Driving with Other Teens, Aggressive Driving and Drowsy/Night Driving are the topics included in this engaging course.

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Coaching New Drivers

Students learn quick and effectively throughour curated micro lessons

Exclusive to only clients, access exclusive “micro-lessons” that can be distributed to parents and matched to in-car instructor feedback. Empower parents to brush up on skills or re-learn techniques that their teens need assistance with at home. Our exclusive micro-lessons enable parents to properly support their teen when practicing at home and working to improve in areas pointed out by instructors.


Unlock these opportunitiesto take your school to the next level

Don’t wait to take advantage of all that references and Medidas have to offer! Enhance your program offering, be a leader in the road safety in your community, and take advantage of this unique technology.

Driving School Benefits

Learn more how you can make a difference today.

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