Who we are

We care about the human side of driver safety.

At Medidas, we care about creating products that work to build safer communities and reduce the number of vehicle-related collisions and fatalities that occur each year. Driving safely impacts everyone, and Medidas has built partnerships with driver education groups, safety-conscious organizations, socially responsible brands, and governments to help bring our reality closer to Vision Zero.

Medidas Who we are

Not just what we value,

but what we live by.

Medidas means to measure and all of our technologies are designed to provide valuable insights and behavior change metrics.  Measuring the positive change our technologies have every day lets us and our partners know that we are making a difference by reducing vehicle related collisions and saving lives!

What we value

Team First

We work together as a team to accomplish great things. Putting teamwork first means there is nothing we cannot achieve.​


We’re fuelled by the goal of delivering life-changing solutions to our end users, our partners, and our communities every day.


As a global community, we can make a big and important impact. When individuals come together, that’s when we see change.


We value the strength in working alongside strategic, like-minded partners. We look for partners who can help us all reach the ultimate goals.

We're proud

of our evolution.

Founder Story

Our founder, Bill Bland, started his career as an Alzheimer’s researcher working in a major hospital. One day, the Chief of Staff came into the unit and asked if there was a cognitive test to determine if drivers were too impaired to properly drive. After a literature search, the unit came back to the Chief and reported that there wasn’t one, to which he responded, “you are the research unit, invent one!”. Over the next four years, Bill and the team did just that; inventing an assessment and technology that is still being used in hospitals and DMVs today. From then on, driver safety and saving lives became a mission and a passion for Bill.

In 2015, Medidas was created to start building technologies to assess drivers’ risk and then focus on changing their driving behavior to reduce that risk. Over the next four years, the company concentrated on building driver profiling and training technologies for professional drivers and worked with some of the biggest organizations in North America to innovate driver behavior change. In 2019, a parent challenged us after taking our new online course built to instruct parents on how to supervise their teen’s practice driving as a learner. This parent loved the course we developed and wanted to know what we were building next for after their teen got their license and started driving on their own. Challenge accepted!

From that challenge, Medidas has built our most innovative, most complex, most effective technology ever…and created it for ALL drivers. The TrypScore app uses comprehensive driver behavior scoring, gamification and incentivization to truly engage and create driver awareness. As Bill likes to say, “we need to create win-win value propositions for everyone involved in driver safety”, and with that in mind, we created TrypScore. Users win with real rewards, data privacy and safety. Corporate partners win by making their communities safer while promoting their business and communities win through aggregated driver risk data, safer roads with less collisions, and less lives lost.

We will continue to challenge ourselves with making our technologies more engaging and effective while challenging drivers, socially responsible corporations, researchers, municipalities, and all driver-related groups to escalate their efforts with us!

The people behind the mission.

Our people are our competitive advantage. The team behind Medidas Group all have one thing in common: we care about making a difference and helping to save lives that would have otherwise been lost in vehicle collisions. Our passion shines through in the creativity, skills, and innovation that we bring to the table each and every day. As a team, we encourage each other and utilize our unique strengths to build impactful products that make a difference. We think big, work hard, and are working to change the world.

Meet the team

Bill Bland
CEO and Managing Partner
Sandra Bruneau
Office Manager
Leanne Johnston
Director of Marketing
Sean Conway
Lead Software Engineer
Cherry Bonto
Graphic Designer
Isabelle Houle
Graphic Designer
Karl Gartly
VP of Business Development
Ryan Dykstra
Software Developer
Zach Nelson
Project Lead
Riley Bourque
Software Developer
Kevin Wong
Senior Software Developer
Olivier Houle
Software Developer
Angie Lawson
Customer Success Coordinator
Dave Royer
VP of Operations
Susanto Hammer
Software Developer
Junior Pawject Manager
Barketing Assistant